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Eating ice-cream in the sun

It was mentioned by a very good friend of mine this week that I can sometimes be quite North American in my approach (not sure if that is a good or bad thing?!) because I focus not just the physical aspects of coaching, but also the emotional side and how people feel.


Every time we feel something, where we hold an emotional connection, it drives us to action.

Picture the scene: If you had a Stracciatella ice-cream when you visited the Amalfi coast of Italy, the sun beaming on your face, relaxing into the holiday vibe, no work worries, surrounded by family or friends; It's going to feel like a pretty epic ice-cream. Your emotions are engaged and heightened. You will fall in love with that ice-cream. You will seek out that ice-cream time and time again, to help relive the same emotions and warmth in your heart for years to come.

With so much to be grateful for in the world, it is surprising then that so many of us struggle to focus on those positive experiences, emotions and feelings in our day to day lives.

About 4 weeks ago, I asked you to think about your goals: what would your life look like in 12 months; what would your health & fitness look like in 12 months. How many of you have already thrown in the towel and lost sight of those goals and how you want to feel this time next year, I wonder?

My real question for you today is - what’s your favourite flavour of suffering?

By that I mean, what’s the story that you continue to tell yourself, that stops you from moving forward. Just like the ice-cream, we can relive the emotions of our past over and over again and they are keep us in a holding pattern.

It's never worked before, so it won’t work now?

It’s not worth missing out on fun times to be on a diet or be more active. Life is for living?

It's too much like hard work, and you are tired and are juggling too much?

It feels so overwhelming, that it's easier to just stay where you are?

You accept life as it is. This is what you are destined for, so why try to change it?

For years I personally suffered from one resounding story in my own life: No matter how hard I try, I will always be disappointed.

We are all unique. We have all had different life experiences. And yet all of our stories boil down to one single thing……

FEAR. Fear that we are not enough. And if we are not enough, we won’t be loved.

Your journey in life has to be about facing your fear, having the courage to make a change so you can feel like you are eating that ice-cream in the sunshine every day of your life!!! 🍦

cour•age kûr′ĭj, kŭr′

  • n. The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery

I actually heard a different definition that I think I prefer: “Courage means you are scared shitless but you do it anyway!"

It's time for you to take control of the quality of your life. You control whether you are the victim and stay stuck in your story on repeat. Or you can choose to face your fear, know that you are enough, and change your storyline 🙂

If you need help to refocus on your goals, or to help remove barriers to your future, let’s chat so I can support you.

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