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Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach 

Bfit is focused on empowering and inspiring every client to live their healthiest life, full of vitality and to reach their maximum potential.


I deliver certified workouts, nutritional guidance and mind-set coaching to help you unlock a happier life, to smash your unique health and fitness goals, to manage stress and to fuel your body all in a sustainable way for long term energy!


  • Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise, ACE, EREP EQF Level 4)

  • Certified BTN Nutritional Coach Level 4

  • Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) Dual Pro Athlete Figure & Fitness Model 

about me:

I stumbled across my passion for fitness after a personal transformation in 2008 when I lost 35lbs after I started running. I discovered a new excitement for life, far away from always feeling self-conscious, not quite good enough and barely being able to jog for the bus.

After throwing myself into running (too hard, too fast!) I started to develop injuries, so I wanted to branch out to find a more balanced cross training approach, in the hopes of continuing my progress and sustain my fitness levels. 

When I began weight training, I was totally out of my comfort zone. The gym was an intimidating place, with too much equipment and I had no idea where to even start – so I worked with a coach who helped guide me, showed me my potential and empowered me to push myself harder than ever before.

I trained for about a year and then decided to step on stage for my first bikini competition in 2014. I competed in a number of novice, open and elite shows with Ultimate Fitness Events, which is full of like-minded, inspirational competitors celebrating natural fitness.

With my UFE family, I went on to achieve my dual pro status for both Figure and Fitness Model categories in 2017.

Over the years, I’ve continued to test my own fitness levels and my adaptability, to push my boundaries of what I thought was possible. 


In 2015, I turned my attention to endurance sports where I competed in a number of Sprint and Olympic distant triathlons.

It was a gruelling training process, filled with highs and lows of learning to swim, falling off bikes, and finally to successfully represent Win4Youth Charity Foundation for Canada at the Mallorca Skoda Triathlon.


It was an experience of a lifetime, and to this day is still one of my favourite achievements that proved to me how far I had come from the girl that couldn’t even run for 60 seconds – and how incredible our bodies are that with a little coaching, focus, and determination, anything really is possible! 


The twists and turns of my fitness journey have helped me thrive in my own life, knowing that my health is and will always continue to be a priority,  so I am able to experience all of the adventures that life brings my way. 


It has also inspired me in a monumental way to support others in their own journey.

I’ve made it my mission to successfully coach men and women from all backgrounds and ages to transform their lives and reach their health goals.


I want to help you recognise your true potential, and to give you the tools to live the life of your dreams!


It all starts with one small decision today, that you want to choose a better future for yourself. 

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