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Personal Training

All great change starts with a single decision. 

Whatever your goal - whether that’s gaining strength, losing body fat, improving your PB’s, or simply to try something new - it should feel exhilarating every step of the way. That's what will keep you motivated in the long term! 

My approach with personal training is to help you reach that feeling; To help you focus on your goals, to empower you, to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to steer your own journey and progression. 

I am fully invested when working with my clients to understand their unique circumstances and make sure they have a program that allows a true balance of health and fitness goals with real life. 

  • Weekly in-person coaching sessions 

  • Bespoke training plans, revised every 4 weeks to continue progression

  • Education on correct form, efficiency and execution of exercises and workouts

  • Weekly check-in to review progress and momentum towards goals

  • Nutritional guidance: meal suggestions, calorie intake recommendations 

  • Coaching on optimal approach to training, lifestyle, stress management & sleep

  • Daily support via What’s App

  • Free access to BFit app for all workouts, programs and progress tracking

Packages available from £80 per session
Nutritional Coaching

To allow your body to be it’s best for everyday life, athletic performance or sport recovery - you need to make sure its fuelled in the right way! 

Fuelling your body isn’t achieved through a fad diet!

To thrive, we need to fuel. But knowing where to start and how to do that can be overwhelming.

I work intensively with my clients to understand their individual goals, challenges and lifestyles. With my support and guidance they are able to move towards a more healthy, sustainable and balanced life.

By combining nutritional education, lifestyle and mind-set management, my clients are empowered to make the right choices for them, every single day, and still enjoy the foods they love. 

  • Weekly face to face check-in (in-person/online)

  • Bespoke nutritional guidance based on individual client goals

  • Planning calorie and macronutrient breakdown 

  • Customised meal plan and recipe guidance 

  • Grocery shopping support 

  • Mind-set and lifestyle coaching 

  • Supplementation guide 

  • Daily support via What’s App 

  • Free access to BFit app for progress tracking,

  • Access to nutrition, supplementation and recipe library

Packages available from £180 per month
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Online Training

Tired of going to the gym and running through the same old workout routine?

To improve, you have to continue to challenge your body. That’s what we are built for. 

By providing bespoke training programs to each online client, I guarantee continued progress, avoiding a plateau, and a proven platform for delivering results.

For you, this means you no longer have to think about what workout you are doing, before you hit the gym. It’s all ready and waiting for you at the tip of your fingers. 

All you have to do is show up! 

  • Bespoke training program based on individual client goals, experience and equipment (home or gym workouts) 

  • Revised training plans issued every 4 weeks to continue progression 

  • Weekly check-in to review progress and momentum towards goals 

  • Basic meal nutritional guidance for best results to support training 

  • Daily support via What’s App 

  • Free access to BFit app for all workouts, programs & progress tracking 

Packages available from £99 per month
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