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Strong like bull

My friend Justin and I bonded years ago with our love for the gym, heavy weights and bicep flexing (as well as everything taco related and good quality tequila!) We would chat about how incredible it is to train, to get stronger, and to drown out the world with loud music as you sweat it out after a busy day at work. It really is like therapy sometimes!

In the run up to my fitness competitions, in the toughest parts of preparation, Justin would see me, squeeze my arm and shout “Strong like bull” for everyone to hear.

Yesterday as I struggled towards the end of my training session, with enthusiasm and motivation fading, I suddenly found myself saying “The weights are as light as feathers, you are strong like bull!”

I’ve spoken before about how much it matters how we talk to ourselves and the things we say. This week has been a testament to that.

I didn’t fly through the rest of the workout, but I was certainly more focused and I didn’t quit! I got it done. Another day in the books of giving it everything I had.

Roll on today’s leg training, when I still had muscle soreness from Monday, and I really didn’t know how I was going to get through it. I found myself deep into the session, 3 sets, 30 reps of weighted hip thrusts, and I was counting - 16, strong like bull, 17, strong like bull, 18, strong like bull, 19 strong like bull…….😂

It made me laugh a little, and it definitely gave me the focus and determination I needed to keep grinding through.

Sometimes it feels like a grind, sometimes it can feel like really hard work. That’s because it is. We are each making a choice to keep working towards a better version of ourselves every day. That’s so hugely rewarding but make no mistake, it’s hard work!!!

I know it can feel exceptionally hard right now to keep focused and keep grinding on, but just remember, we are all be strong like bull. Start a new day tomorrow, decide to dig deep and give it your all.

I am here to support you, so if you need to chat, let me know.

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