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Believe & Achieve

I was talking to a friend earlier this week and it prompted me to reflect on some stuff from my past which, at the time, was pretty shitty but I genuinely think was the making of me today! I’m a positive person, I try to see the good in everyone and everything, focus on what lessons there could be in any situation (especially the bad ones) that allow me to grow and continue to try to become the best version of myself. I haven’t always taken that approach though. I made decisions or suffered indecision for most of my life that continued to sabotage my happiness and my progress; in the relationships I would chose, in the food I would eat, in the friendships I held, through disregard for my health and well-being, to stay firmly but unhappily in my comfort zone. I’m actually so focused now on becoming the best version of myself because for so long I (unknowingly) undermined and questioned my own self worth. I was deciding what I deserved in life by the choices I did or didn’t make. I held myself back. I limited myself. I’d occasionally make half arsed attempts to make better choices, to start again tomorrow, to try harder, to raise my voice and be heard. But it never really stuck. I thought it wasn’t worth it. I would fail. I would be humiliated. I probably didn’t deserve it anyway. We all do this. We impose these limiting beliefs on ourselves. There are many reasons why but most of them are learnt from a very young age through what we see happening around us or what we experience directly. I heard the other day that our brains can’t distinguish between what is real, remembered or imagined. READ THAT AGAIN. Our brains can’t distinguish between what is real, remembered or imagined. If you can imagine your best life and you believe you can have it, your brain can’t tell the difference. That goes for everything and anything. Health, wealth, relationships. But the biggest barrier for me, was believing that I deserved it. So I’m here to tell you: You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have your best health. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. If you don’t think you deserve to live the life of your dreams, you’re standing in your own way. You’re limiting your own progress. You’re making excuses every day just to stay where you are. What if you start imagining the life of your dreams AND you believed you deserved it. Think about how it would look and how it would feel. Because.........why not?! The plan of how to get there is actually the easy part. We can figure that out together. I believe that each and every one of you has the ability and the potential to absolutely live the life of your dreams and reach your goals. But YOU have to believe it.

It starts with you. You have to know that you deserve something better. You deserve the best! Trust me when I say, you will be surprised at how far you can go with a little self belief! Let’s start believing in ourselves and everything we can achieve 💕

I’m here to support you, so let me know if you need to chat.

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