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The rabbit hole of social media

I have mixed feelings about technology and social media.

In many ways, I love it. It allows me to live my life faster, to connect with my friends, family and clients, all over the word. It allows me to talk to people, to interact and feel connected even if I haven’t seen them in person for years. It can also be damaging to our general mental health, self confidence, self esteem, and personal beliefs, if we do not approach and use it with caution with some boundaries in place. (Side note: I am not an advocate of documentaries on Netflix, because I think there is quite often a huge bias of opinion in favour of the company funding the program. However, if you have not yet watched The Social Dilemma - go watch it!)

With access to the world at our fingertips, I am sure you all have found yourself going down a rabbit hole on Facebook, Instagram or Wikipedia even, looking at someone else’s life, their friends, their family, where they go, what they do, how “successful" they are.

To me “success” has to be a set of values, achievements and goals that I have set for myself. They may not equate to what the rest of the world deem as the epitome of success (climbing a specific career ladder, monthly income, homeowner etc) but they are meaningful to me. Success may look different to each of us individually.

Comparison is truly the thief of joy though. If you go down the social media rabbit hole with a comparison perspective, it will unpick your beautiful life and make you feel inadequate, useless, depressed and pretty anxious about your lack of “success” in less than a minute!

But having a window into other peoples lives can work in our favour. Think about your life right now. What would success look like to you? Who do you truly admire that models what success means to you?

Tony Robbins always says “Success leaves clues”. If you look at those who have succeed in the areas that you want to, you can mirror the best parts of what they have done, and you can have a similar return. I can give you a tip though - I guarantee they have succeeded because of a few simple rules that they have followed: 1. Develop a plan and a strategy 2. Work hard and follow the plan 3. Adjust your plan based on circumstances 4. Work hard and follow the plan 5. Keep adjusting the plan 6. Keep following the plan 7. Keep working hard If you are not where you want to be, do you have a plan? If you have a plan, are you following it? If you are not following it, why not? Stop making excuses. Adjust and move forward. Stop using technology to sabotage your own progress through comparison. Use the information available to you to change your life. Use the resources, the people, the companies that can support your personal growth to help you on your way. Wake up every day and decide to do something proactive to make it a tiny bit better than the day before. Keep stacking the odds in your favour, and start living your best life! 💕 If you need support or guidance, I am here to chat so let me know.

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