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The Big Success

I’ve often thought that there must be some sudden massive explosion in everyone else’s life, some huge singular event or epiphany that propels them to success almost instantly and they’ve made it! They’ve smashed their goals, they’ve changed their life, they are living their dreams.

But when you look a little deeper, it’s rarely the case that that’s what’s happened!

We’ve all heard the anecdotes of how many times the likes of Steve Jobs failed before Apple became Apple, or that Amazon didn’t become the Amazon we know (and love) overnight but that they had to fail and adapt. Time and time again, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, refocus and try again.

And while I am not dismissing that when we fail, it builds resilience and that it holds lessons and opportunity for both personal and professional growth, I for one, don’t want to be constantly waiting for failure! That doesn’t feel like a good way to start every day!

So I think we are better placed to focus our attention on consistency.

If you are consistent with something - you keep showing up, you keep going, you persevere, you keep chipping away.

If you’re consistent, you can start to see small minor changes every day, that over the weeks, months, years, will accumulate and lead to massive life altering change.

That’s the big explosion that propels you to the life of your dreams! It’s just more like a gentle simmer always bubbling away in the background. And while a gentle simmer may not be the stuff that blockbuster movies are made of. It is actually the reality of how life works.

So how can we all show up consistently in our lives and keep chipping away, towards our futures?

Think back to those seeds you planted last week when you thought about how you want your life and fitness to look in 12 months.

What small steps could you be taking each day to move you closer? Are you watering your seeds daily?

Maybe you want to cook a new recipe every week to expand your food options?

Maybe you want to practice yoga once a week to improve your flexibility?

Maybe you want to add an additional training session in every week to continue to build more strength?

Maybe you want to get into bed half an hour earlier without any distractions and read a book?

Whatever your small steps look like (and they will be unique to you), stay consistent and try to make a small move.



I am here to support you if you need help. So together we can keep nurturing those seeds!

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