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Mindset of an 8 year old

My 8 year old niece is definitely one of the most amazing people I have the privilege of knowing and being friends with ❤️

I know I’m probably biased (who wouldn’t be?!) but she is smart, articulate, fiercely independent and has the absolute conviction to know what she wants out of life.

While I am sure those dreams and desires are inevitably going to change as she grows, I love her determination, her focus and her confidence that she can and will have it all one day.

Most importantly, she never misses the chance to jig around, build something, try something, laugh and generally have all the fun she can. In her own words, she can be found most days “living her best life” 🙂

As 2020 has turned into a year that none of us had envisaged and I’m sure all of us could create a list as long as our arm of all the things we wish had or could be different - I’ve decided that if I can aspire to be anything right now, I choose to be more like my niece.

To live every day brand new, with fun and laughter being the rule, not the exception. To be open hearted and fiercely love all those people around me. And to never fail to make the choice, to live my best life.

It’s not always easy, but we always have a choice.

Your mindset determines more than the circumstances around you, so stay positive, surround yourself with people that lift you higher, and make time for a kitchen dance party at least once a week. Because we all need to dance more, even in the rain!

If you need support, I am always here to chat 💕

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