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Endurance over enthusiasm

How many times have you felt stuck in a rut this past week, demotivated and caught up in your own chaotic thoughts? Go back to my email last week and try the running exercise I explained, if you haven’t already! I promise, its makes everything feel a little better!

I feel we need a celebration this week! It’s been 16 full weeks in lockdown, we have survived, endured and adapted remarkably well. This is what we were built for. We are built to thrive in the face of adversity. And as the world is starting to cautiously reopen, we are beginning to feel understandably optimistic!

It has definitely felt more like a marathon at times, long and arduous, than a quick sprint. But hopefully we have all used the time to reflect and refocus on what is most important to us and what we need to make more time for in the future.

I started reading a new book last week and this quote reminded me of many conversations with clients over this lockdown period:

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare”

Whatever goals you are working towards at the moment, you will have started your journey with great gusto, enthusiasm, momentum and focus. It was new, exciting, you were learning a new skill, expanding your knowledge and challenging yourself.

The biggest challenge you face now is whether you have stamina. To achieve any goal in life, you need endurance to get you across that finish line and beyond. You need to be able to stay the course, stay consistent and show up every day and it will eventually pay off.

Everyone wants to be an overnight success in some area of their life- but there is no such thing. You have to keep digging deep every single day, even when the initial enthusiasm has disappeared!

As life inevitably starts to get busier with more social arrangements, work and travel, I wanted to share some tips to remember to help you stay on track:

  • Don’t forget what lessons you have learnt so far

  • Don’t forget that life is for living and for feeling great so make sure you maintain some balance

  • Take a step towards your goals every day

  • Be flexible in your approach. Life will get in the way and it may divert your path sometimes

  • Start every day with your goal in mind and be ready to stay the course

Endurance. Thats what counts the most. That’s what gets you to the life of your dreams!

Keep working hard and if you need any support, I am always here to chat.

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