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Leaving it all on the dance floor

I’ve just finished a pretty brutal leg training session - it was long, it was lots of reps and lots of weight. The detail of what I did isn’t the important part right now. The important part is how I felt after finishing my last set of exercises and victoriously gave myself a high five for my effort. From beginning to end, I stayed the course, stayed focused and gave myself a motivational kick up the butt if I started to slack. Going into my workout today, I was feeling tired, a little hungry and not overly enamoured at the task ahead of me. But there are two things I rely on at times like this to get me through. The first is I’ve created a habit. I always make a plan for when and what I am training in advance. I have a program I follow on a weekly basis for my workouts, so that only leaves the timing to plan for each day. If I fail to do this, it becomes a “negotiation” ever day on whether I will or won’t train. I potentially find an excuse and run the risk of it being sidelined. The second is that I commit to giving 100% to every workout. You know when you are dancing the night away, and the last song comes on before the DJ leaves and its THE BEST SONG EVER, and you give it your all of the dance floor? You leave nothing behind! At the end of the song, you have whipped yourself into a frenzy, you are puffing and panting, sweating and your heart is racing. You have partied your little heart out. That’s the same way I approach my workouts (Put your favourite party tunes on and try it!) I may not always feel in the best mood, I may feel tired, I may feel hungry, but I always have control over how much effort I put in. And when I get to the end of a workout, I know I couldn’t have worked any harder. I have nothing left, no fuel in the tank. Then I know I have been true to myself and have given 100% for that day. That’s the best any of us can ever give. So this week, I am reminding you: Form a habit, make a plan and follow it - making the plan means nothing, if you don’t actually execute. Commit to giving it your all every day - you will never have to question whether you could have tried harder and you are guaranteed to see the results you want. I am here as always to support each of you, so reach out if you need to chat!

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