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Be more like a turtle 🐢

Over the past few weeks, I have felt like the world was spinning so fast and I couldn’t keep up! I told a close friend I wanted everything to slow down, so I could take a second to breathe.

Then I realised something - slowing down isn’t something external that we can acquire, it has to come from within.

The world will continue to spin (seemingly out of control at times) and we have to know how to calm ourselves and how to bring our own minds down to a steady pace. For me, there are a few things I have to do to try and maintain my sanity and to pull back from always travelling at 100MPH:

  • Write a gratitude journal in the morning listing 3 things I can be truly thankful and happy about

  • To get 8 hours undisturbed sleep a night. Anything less and I will struggle to cope with a regular day, let alone anything else

  • To listen to chill out or soulful music - it helps me slow the pace of my walking and breathing when I am out and about

  • Train in the gym so I can be in my physical body and out of my head

  • Eat nutritious and delicious food to avoid hanger (it happens!)

  • To stay hydrated so I can avoid any fatigue creeping in

  • Review my To-Do list, and prioritise what is essential and what can wait

  • Be honest with friends and family about how I am feeling

  • Have a kitchen dance party when I am cooking dinner (currently accepting any good dance tune recommendations!)

  • Take some time to clear my day and relax, without commitments making me feel under pressure.

It’s really hard sometimes to take a step away when we are so deep into the “doing” of life. But I am reminding each of you today to take the time to slow down and breathe. Your mental and physical health will thank you 💕

My spirit animal is a turtle 🐢 and in my opinion, slow and steady really does win the race!

I am here to chat so let me know how I can help support you!

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