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Take the leap

I was chatting to a client last week about how COV-19 and lockdown have undoubtedly impacted every single one of us in some way, and how it has shifted our perspective and outlook on what is important in life. I think it has stirred in all of us the feeling and need for more balance, for appreciating the good things in life, spending time and being present with those we love and care for, seizing the day and making life amazing. It certainly has for me. I feel extremely grateful to have been given this time, when the world has slightly slowed its chaotic tempo, to be able to take stock. It’s allowed so many of us to take a step back and reflect on what really matters and what we really want. A great mentor once said ‘What have you always wanted to do? Do it. Otherwise you will always feel a little bit empty.” It really resonated with me. When I think back, I was working in a big global corporation and I just had this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that there had to be more to my life, I had more to give, and I was meant to be doing more meaningful work. But to follow through on my dreams of helping others in health and fitness was a bold move, it was a HUGE leap from the security of where I sat and that would take courage. The key for me was actually in the planning. To focus on the small steps that would lead, eventually, to the bigger change. I had to get all the qualifications I needed so I was certified in personal training and nutrition. I had to start to develop my experience by working part time as a PT alongside my corporate role so that my clients could be confident in my expertise. I would have to scope out which gyms had the right environment for me to be based from so I could support like-minded people. I would need to save some money so I could make some initial investments into my business to offer the best service possible to my clients. None of this happened overnight. And there were many times it was a very delicate balancing act of keeping all the plates spinning. But I was determined and focused. I kept taking the small steps towards the bigger picture because otherwise, I would always feel a little empty. So today I’m asking you: Is there something you have always wanted to do that nags away at the back of your mind? Maybe its a career change, maybe its a place you want to visit, maybe its something you want to write or paint or sing?

Do it today. Take a step today towards it. Because you won’t regret trying but you will regret it if you don’t. I am here to support you, so if you need some help with that first small step, let me know!

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