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Simple things mean so much

It’s definitely been a year of challenge. To dwell will not change what has gone, and it will not bring us any relief to relive all of the ups and downs. It will only remind us of the grief that we have all experienced as our “normal” lives have been taken away from us.

I was very lucky to wake up this morning to an iPhone photo memory notification. I spend a good 15-20 minutes watching pictures scroll by from the past year, many of which I had totally forgotten about!

Day trips to York, picnics in the park, bike rides, FaceTime with friends, gym training, park training, a new motorbike (not mine!), engagements (also not mine!), walks along the river, time with my family.

It has been all of these seemingly simple things that have made me smile today and over the past year. I have somehow amid the chaos of juggling 100 things at once, found the time to pause and smile at all the little things that have actually made the biggest difference.

I would encourage you, before this year comes to an end, to look over your photos or even a calendar or diary from this year. You will have some wonderful reminders of how far you have come since last year, and be proud of yourself that you have dug deep and made it through.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I want to wish you all a safe and love filled week ahead. Tell your family and friends you love them, and raise a glass to yourselves!

If you need anything, I am always here to chat, so let me know.

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